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Medical Grade Surgical Masks

Made In Canada

Crown Mutual Medical Group manufacture ASTM standardized, medical-grade face masks for adults and children. 3-ply protection for professionals.
ASTM Level 1, ASTM Level 2, ASTM Level 3 , and Pediatric ASTM Level 1


COVID 19 Rapid Test Kits 

Made In China

We are proud to represent the manufacture BOSON and bring this compliant product to Canadians. Due to overwhelming demand this will be a first-come-first-serve basis thank you.  


Preanalytical Systems 

CMG offer a line of blood collection systems, liquid transport tubes, urine collection and microbiology transport swabs.


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What others are saying about our masks.

We have been getting incredible feedback on our masks from across the country. 

Thank you Crown Mutual Medical

We are so happy to have met a Canadian company making the ASTM level masks.

BC Dental Group

Thanks for the masks

We were extremely impressed by the masks provided by Crown Mutual Group.

Vancouver Medical Group

Thank you!

Crown Medical provided us with a quality product we can rely on daily.

Broadway Dental Office

What is the difference with 3-ply?

The 3-ply surgical mask is commonly used in the COVID-19 pandemic. The 3-ply surgical mask is made up of 3 different layers of non-woven fabric with each layer having a specific function of protection.

The outermost layer (typically blue) is waterproof and helps to repel fluids such as mucosalivary droplets. The middle piece is the filter, which prevents particles or pathogens above a certain size from penetrating in either direction.

The innermost layer is made of absorbent materials to trap mucosalivary droplets from the user. This layer also absorbs the moisture from exhaled air, thus improving comfort.

Together, these 3 layers effectively protect both the user and the surrounding people by limiting the penetration of particles and pathogens in both directions.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Currently we are manufacturing ASTM level surgical face masks from our facility in Delta, BC.  Click to see a video of our facility.

ASTM standards are international compliance guide lines used by manufactures globally to reference the quality and effectiveness of a product.  See more about how we use ASTM here.

Crown Mutual Medical is thrilled to be aligned with the Kinectrics testing facility in Toronto, Ont. Kinectrics offers testing of respiratory personal protective equipment (PPE) for industrial and medical applications.

We offer trackable shipping through UPS or Canada Post. Please refer to our terms of service for details. (*Shipping is free with MOQ orders.)

We accept all major Credit Cards, EMT (Electronic Money Transfers), or direct Bank Wire. Please talk to a representative to confirm your method.

We have units on the ground and ready to ship today. Typical turn around for orders throughout Western Canada is 3-5 days. For larger orders outside Canada please contact our sales team for a delivery schedule.

Absolutely Yes. All the products we sell have been registered by Health Canada and certified with ASTM standards.

Yes, CMG is registered with the FDA to provide PPE to the US.

Fill out the form provided within to indicate the type of PPE and quantities you are requesting. Our team will be in touch promptly to secure and process your order. A deposit may be required to secure your order.

Sure, Please make an appointment with our team and we can make arrangements for a tour of our factory.  (Subject to some restrictions)

Crown Mutual Group are dedicated to making a difference in the world around us in the uncertain time. Please see our blog for past donations articles and reach out if you need some help!

Crown Mutual Group is Health Canada licensed provider of Class 1 Medical PPE (MDEL 13806 – Company ID 158484)

Please download our latest product information deck, complete with testing and the latest products from CMG.