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Let’s Face It – PPE Pod Cast | Episode 5 Elan Thomas of Kinectric Labortories

Our next guest is Elan Thomas, who is the director of Corporate relations at Kinectrics laboratories in Toronto, Ontario. If you have not heard of Kinectrics Laboratories up until this point, let me tell you about them. Kinectrics have been working in the certification and testing of a variety of things since 1912. They are […]

Let’s Face It – PPE Podcast | Episode 4 – Tony Lawand of Armorgen Group

Our next guest is Tony Lawand, Founder of Amrorgen Group. He’s a good guy to know when it comes to PPE and we are happy to have him on the podcast and ask him to weigh in on his point of view on the current world of PPE. www.armorgen.com https://ca.linkedin.com/in/anthony-tony-lawand-65a6883  

Let’s Face It – PPE Podcast Ep 3| Alex Liu of Crown Mutual Group

Let’s Face It does its first remote broadcast from the Crown Mutual Group PPE manufacturing facility in Delta, BC, and speaks with owner-operator Alex Liu. We learn about Crown Mutual Group and Alex talks us through the mechanics of the PPE machinery. He explains the machine’s superior functionality and how he can produce 120 masks […]

Let’s Face it -PPE Podcast Ep 2 – Melissa Chungfat of Masked for Work

Hello, welcome back to Let’s Face it, a podcast about the PPE industry and those notorious face masks we are all forced to wear. Today we are diving into the topic of reusable masks and speak to a local company who, like many others, did a full-on pivot into the business of making face masks […]

Let’s Face It -PPE Podcast Ep 1 – John Rawlins President of BIG-nano

LET’S FACE IT – John Rawlins | President at The Big-nano Hello and welcome back to Let’s Face It, the podcast all about PPE and the face mask culture we are now a part of. We are super excited about our next guest… not just because he’s the president and CEO of The Big-Nano… an […]

Let’s Face It – PPE Podcast Introduction

Hi everyone this is Sean SPM as I’m known in a few circles and welcome to the INNERView…and a brand new segment we are calling LET’S FACE IT This is a podcast where we have typically spoken with musicians and a lot of people in the entertainment industry and so forth. And in general, it’s […]