LET’S FACE IT – John Rawlins | President at The Big-nano

Hello and welcome back to Let’s Face It, the podcast all about PPE and the face mask culture we are now a part of. We are super excited about our next guest… not just because he’s the president and CEO of The Big-Nano… an incredible technology that has completely revolutionized the way we produce the raw materials used to manufacture face masks. Because…that would be enough normally for an entire show… and we will get into all that in just a bit.

The other reason we are excited to bring him on the show was to shed some light on the humanitarian effort he has spearheaded for the people of St. Vincent with the donation of surgical masks and other PPE graciously organized through the Canadian Association of PPE Manufactures.

In case you don’t know yet… there was a tragedy in the region on April 9th of this year, a nearby volcano that had not previously erupted since 1979 caused close to 20,000 people to evacuate the village of St. Vincent.

The UN says about 4,000 of those displaced are now living in 87 shelters – many of which lack basic services such as drinking water. The UN has begun setting up an international funding appeal, with Canada being one of the first to respond with aid to the region.

So, it was through the resources of CAPPEM John was able to connect with us at Crown Mutual Group. And we were more than happy to lend a hand and provide half a million masks toward the cause of supporting this noble effort. So that all being said, I’d like to welcome Mr. John Rawlins to the show.

Hello John!

John, Id’ like to start off by asking you for any sort of update on what is happening with the relief effort and how the people of St. Vincent’s are coping with this disaster?

Reading over your impressive bio before the show I see you have more than one connection to the region. Could you give us a little background into your journey from St. Vincent into Canada?

Could you tell us about The Big-nano Company and how you got things started there? What is the primary focus of the work you guys do?

I was looking over the article published in The Journal of Applied Polymer Science titled, “Fine liquid blowing: A high Reynolds number, high production rate nanofiber manufacturing technique”. Could you give us a breakdown of the research here?

What are your plans with The Big Nano Company, where do you hope to take your tech next?

How did you come to be a part of CAPPEM, and how do you see them helping the industry at large?