The New Normal?! This simple statement can be viewed in multiple ways. And the notion is polarizing, to say the least.

It’s defeating in one sense to think of how we got to such a place where society would need to consider such a thing as a ‘new normal,’ or in other words an altered state of reality.

Call it what you want. Things are different from recent days.

Over the past 24 months, we have all changed. Some of us more than others and in different ways too. But the pandemic touched the entire world, there’s no doubt about that.  And that amounts to a lot of normal people, doing normal things and normal routines at normal jobs in what can often be considered normal lives.

Probably the only normal thing about this pandemic is that we don’t normally experience an event that touches everyone, everywhere.

No one ever expected to lose the job that was finally making sense in your career or to sacrifice the once-in-a-lifetime occasion you’ll get to graduate from high school or get your driver’s licence or that desperately needed back surgery you have been waiting for.

All these events and circumstances we’ve strived for or were so patient for may not have completely disappeared (although many did) but are now accepted in these new terms. Like it or not, this is how we got to do it, the new normal must take priority.

We will all eventually look back and marvel at the fact that never would this generation dream they would witness a government or a city or even their community and close friends react to a pandemic and protect the interest of the public. Never did they expect to ever see how complex logistics like testing and vaccine centers could mobilize so quickly and public health measures are enacted to such heights and extremes, leaving one with an overwhelming sense of the machine of government is in charge.  Referring back to the beginning of the pandemic, when normal people were compensated with $2000 paydays and freaked out with rapidly rising death tolls! No one then could fathom what the hell was going to happen next.  Hindsight being 20/20 it’s clear that was not a normal thing or period in time for people to experience ether.

As someone from a major city on Canada’s west coast I have felt very sheltered and privileged to live in a safe environment, typically speaking.  Anything of this magnitude, this type of death tolls most people never expected it would be this close to home.  That realization has now be shattered as we’ve seen our neighbourhoods shut down and our daily routine disrupted.  We’ve all had no choice but to sit back and watch it all unfold. Helpless and desperate perhaps for what was order and comfortable in our lives.  It is not human for us to live in isolation, we need each other and we need the work that often gives us purpose. And not to mention a roof over our heads.

And that is precisely what we have all come to understand. Life doesn’t stop. It’s found a way to keep it going. It always looks for new ways to innovate as people always have. Whether it be technology or the mere will of the people we have made huge strides in our abilities to accept what is here and now to stay indefinitely.  Without ever admitting COVID19 had a silver lining, the truth is the results of protecting ourselves meant we were protected from other things as well like the more common flu bug and other potential pollutants in the air.  The flu was essentially eliminated because we were wearing face masks and staying away from one another.  That’s a strange fact that lends to our reality.

Wearing a face mask is now a daily part of our daily lives.  We don’t have to like them, but we need to live with them and try to adjust to the reality of a new normal.  And ideally, depending on the attitude you choose to live with, you try to find a way to tolerate life and even laugh at this bizarre time we are in.

Without the need for too much embellishment, it is now common to see several familiar activities we enjoy in our daily lives augmented by this new accessory we have become accustomed to.  For instance, going to the pool now includes wearing a mask into the water and hopefully, it matches your bikini, and you don’t get it wet. Oops!

And, there is also the way we have embraced an alternative sign language of sorts, by coupling one’s hands into a heart shape to extend our affection through a glass window. This cringe-worthy activity has also become a thing of normal.

I think there is definite consensus that children have had to cope with some confusing messaging, including wearing masks at school and whenever it’s time to chill out with pals.

After all, the idea of wearing a mask used to imply a certain spooky occasion. Wearing a mask could mean any number of circumstances were occurring, like possibly a spa day. Hockey players and entertainment like Mexican wrestlers were the normal places you would expect to see a mask in use.

But now here we are, and this is in fact the new normal.  We must try our best to adapt to a new workplace, likely with some new helpful signage and several public health measures in place.  It will be most likely commonplace in most professional work environments to be protected with face masks and in some cases, proof of vaccination is a new adapted normal in standard operating procedures.

Whatever it is you do for a living be it a surgeon, aesthetician, baker, marketer, bartender, or teacher, it’s critical to stay protected with a medical-grade face mask. Medical-grade means it has been tested to meet the ASTM standard of protection suitable for professional workplace environments.

We’ve all had to undergo an incredible amount of change in a short amount of time proving how capable we are as a species when it comes to our survival.  Whatever you consider normal we hope we can help you stay covered and safe.

Crown Mutual Medial Masks are Made in Canada and are 3-ply protection for professionals and everyone trying to do their new normal.  Our mask is readily available online at our website store.

We would like to encourage everyone to consider getting vaccinated as the best protection against COVID 19.