Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) has been a critical business in Canada over the past 14 months.

And, Crown Mutual Group (CMG), a Vancouver-based manufacturer of medical-grade face masks, is vowing to be there for Canadians through this final stretch of the pandemic and beyond.

“While we know you are more than tired of covering up, CMG would like to let you know there is a Canadian alternative to face masks made right here in British Columbia,” says Creative Director Sean McKay.

At its Delta facility, CMG produces more than one million face masks a month, all of which are Health Canada certified ASTM Level 1-3 surgical face masks.

“We’re almost out of the woods, but it’s still advisable to wear a mask after being vaccinated.”

CMG’s message is one echoed by public health officials who are advising fully vaccinated people to continue to wear masks and stay six feet apart from others in public, or when visiting with unvaccinated people from multiple households until more is known.

Crown Mutual Face Masks have created an ultra-comfortable, folding ear-loop design, specially made with a low-tension fit for extended use, and they’re affordable.

“Our masks are professional medical-grade protection for less than you can buy at Costco,” says McKay, who notes they’re available at most local drugstores and will be long after the pandemic ends.

McKay adds, for CMG, this pandemic pivot isn’t temporary.

“Last year, the market became flooded with PPE companies. So many, in fact, a lobbying group representing the expansive PPE industry was formed called CAPPEM (Canadian Association of PPE Manufactures). It’s been helpful aligning with other savvy entrepreneurs across Canada who also are working with the government to get quality PPE to people both in Canada and beyond.”

CMG has donated over one million masks to charities, including a relief effort in the aftermath of a volcanic eruption on the Caribbean island of St. Vincent, validating the need for face masks in circumstances beyond the pandemic.

This includes flu season. In fact, the Government of Canada has noted a dramatic drop in influenza cases during the pandemic in comparison to years past. It’s a drop medical experts attribute to public health measures, like wearing a face mask. The concern is that once measures are lifted, the next flu season could come back with a vengeance. That’s why McKay suggests specific public spaces or gathering areas may remain a masking zone for a safety and/or common courtesy long after the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It’s nice to think about a world ridden with any potential threat ranging from the common flu bug to the deadly coronavirus. And while true eradication may seem unlikely, there does seem to be clear evidence to support the face mask is here to stay and the flu is on the way out.”

It’s another example of CMG’s plan for the future, one that also includes a shift from medical to industrial and commercial, while maintaining its high level of protection against unwanted pollutants and bacteria.

“We offer a Canadian solution for industrial-grade PPE for food processing, construction … any industry that requires medical grade protection, and anyone who wants continued protection post-pandemic,” says McKay.

Innovation is also key for futureproofing Crown Mutual Face Masks and includes the introduction of the CMG N95 Folding Cup Mask, and the highly sought after bio-degradable mask.

By January 31, 2022, CMG says it will have fully functioning medical- and consumer-grade masks and respirators with 100% bio-degradable material under the ASTM D26400 standard, with 95% PFE/BFE + filtration.

This project will add another innovative solution to bio-polymer plastic issues specific to masks and respirators, and the broad PPE industry. The outcome will be an end-product that consumers can use for protection against air-borne diseases, smog, forest fire particulates, and other aerosols, that is environmentally friendly and sustainable.

“We’re always looking to evolve and we’re more than happy to keep people safe beyond the pandemic”.